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Jeff Adams Foreclosures - Real Estate Investors Paradise for 2016

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If you have taken a look at the tabloids lately, you probably know that 2016 is a promising year for real estate investors. The market is slowly recovering from the slump in previous years and investors are confident about the road that lies ahead. Home prices will remain lower as compared to last year, therefore the investment opportunities are attractive. Interest rates continue to remain highly inviting in 2016.

But how should you go about with foreclosure investing this year? Read on to find out…

Foreclosure Investing Strategy – 2016
This year will be extremely promising for investing in foreclosures. By devising an effective strategy and making quick, well-informed decisions, you are bound to achieve success in the foreclosures investing arena.

Get A Broker
It is a known fact that home buying rules are common in most situations. However, this does not mean complacency in making buying decisions. There is nothing wrong with seeking a broker’s help to scan for houses. Where you will start house searching from scratch, brokers will already have a database of January 2016 foreclosure homes. Avail of their services and save precious time.

Know The Market
Knowing the houses is not enough. You must also carefully examine the localities that you are looking at. Remember, it is the area that creates the market. Features such as school systems, complexes, other attractions and key features of the area add a whole lot of value to the property. Veteran, real estate investor, Jeff Adams recommends learning about the complete ins and outs of the market.

Understand the Scenario
Making buying decisions is a challenging task only for investors who choose to play smart. Understand the property scenario in 2016. It is predicted that home prices will continue increasing steadily this year. But do not take this for granted. The 2006 estate market slump reminds us that we must always be prepared for market fluctuations. Start your recee early and carry it throughout to keep track of price trends.

Cost-Benefit Analysis
Do not take over ambitious decisions just because they seem promising from a distance. 2016 will prove to be highly lucrative for the foreclosure investor, but do not let the price trends bedazzle you. Simply because you get a $250,000 loan approved at low interest, does not mean that you have to avail it. Look for the most financially viable option. Remember, the aim is to invest in foreclosed homes, not to undergo foreclosure yourself.

Overhead Evaluation
You are bound to encounter foreclosed houses that are no short of being the ‘perfect deal’. But keep in mind that appearances can be deceptive. Home repair costs are an extremely important factor that sellers will try to avoid. Make sure that you budget the cost of these repairs and adds them to the total property cost in order to get the complete picture.

There is nothing better than getting a clear cut view of what lies ahead in the property market. Jeff Adams real estate provides you with the most common real estate trends that will help you ace the foreclosures investing game in 2016.

Tenant Demand 2016
Single-family homes for rent will be in high demand in 2016. The extent of demand is predicted to be so high that it will overshoot the availability within the first quarter. The markets that were strongly hit with foreclosures will see a demand greater than 25% as compared to 2015.

This may be a great sector for the foreclosure investors seeking to re-sell foreclosed homes within short periods. Another interesting trend is the increase in leases continuing since consecutive years, particularly in markets such as Tucson, Port St. Lucie, Riverside, and others.

Short Sales & Supplies 2016
The tenant demands in 2016 will be stronger than ever, at its peak since 2010. That is a definite area of interest for foreclosure buyers. Coupled with this is the over 8 cap rates all across the country. They will be noticeably stable since year 2011. Given these conditions, how will supply position itself?

Fewer foreclosures were sealed and completed in 2012 as compared to 2011, as contrary to mass expectation. There was a straight drop of 80,000 completed foreclosures. The 2012 figures closed at 860,000 as compared to a 780,000 in 2011.

Short sales have risen in popularity with lenders. This implies a decrease in completed foreclosures as the year 2012 witnessed. There were many first-time buyers who missed the price slump last year. Realizing this, numerous new buyers will enter the foreclosures market owing to discounted prices of properties. This trend is expected to continue till the latter half of the second quarter.

Hence, it is safe to conclude that the year 2016 will be highly lucrative for investing in foreclosures. Jeff Adams hopes that you can make the best of these opportunities using the above strategies and predictions.


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