Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Jeff Adams Real Estate Options for Beginner Investors

Everyone needs to start someplace; No one is born successful, including the biggest names in real estate investing. 

Beginner investors should be skilled before jumping into this field. Jeff Adams believes that beginner investors should initially choose what branch of real estate investing they wish to deal in. Knowing where you want to go with real estate investing allows you to make concrete decisions.

The cost of getting started with residential real estate is much lower as compared to that of commercial real estate. There are a lot of more options within residential real estate that will bring you good money. For example, you can choose to lease the house or sell it for a higher price.

Commercial real estate brings in more profits than residential real estate. However, commercial properties cost more to own and so this is not a very preferable option for beginners.

The buy and hold plan involves buying real estate, renting it out and waiting for it to appreciate previous to selling it. As you wait for the market value to slowly increase, you can even invest in smaller real estate options so that you have other streams of income. 

The flipping strategy involves buying assets with the intention of selling it right away. In this type of strategy, you do not hold on to the property for long, and sell it off right away to invest in another property.

Wholesaling involves playing a role of an agent in the entire procedure and you can get into wholesaling property without really using any of your own money. Find deals that other investors would be on the lookout for, and on bringing it to them, you can get a commission. 

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